Web Management

FlexiWeb Upkeep

Content Updates $99.95 / Month

Keep it fresh and stress free.

Value proposition:

What you get

You can queue up incidents for resolution using phone, email, or Task Entry form.

If you need less support some months, your unused capacity just carries over and is available for the months when you do need extra support.

FlexiWeb Growth

Functionality Updates $499 / Month

Engage your site's potential.

Add functionality to your site to make it easy & convenient for your customers to do business with you.

Value proposition:

What you get

If you don’t have a feature you’d like to have implemented in a given month, it’s not lost but merely carries over for times when your needs exceed allocation.

FlexiWeb SEO

SEO Plus

$999 / Month

SEO Confidently: Simplify, Outperform, Save.

Value proposition:

What you get



Other website management stuff not covered in existing packages.