Discovering Local Environment Groups

Facebook Groups

Search on Facebook

Start by searching for relevant groups on Facebook. Look for large groups related to environmental causes, such as “Journey to Zero Waste” or “Zero Waste Heroes.” You can also search for zero waste groups specific to your country, city, or state. Use the search tool and set it to groups to find like-minded individuals in your area.

Create Your Own Group

If you don’t find a group in your vicinity, consider creating one. Set up a separate group for your country or state, and then niche down into smaller groups by county or city. Having a community allows you to discuss local environmental issues and create actionable plans together.

How to Find a Local Zero Waste Community


Visit, where you’ll find various interest-based meet-up groups. While some may not be directly related to zero waste, they often share similar goals. Look for groups related to litter clean-ups, gardening, community building, and climate action. Once you build connections, you can introduce zero waste ideas and initiatives within these groups.

Neighborhood Apps

Connect Locally

Use neighborhood apps to connect with people in your area. These platforms often have community sections where you can find like-minded individuals interested in environmental causes. Share your passion, organize events, and collaborate with neighbors to make a positive impact.

Building a community of environmentally conscious individuals allows you to create grassroots movements and work together for a greener and healthier future! 🌿🌎