Shaeba Coin

White Paper

A Solana Token

Shaeba Coin is a registered token on the Solana Blockchain.  This is a reward token, awarded for contributions to the Shaeba Ratings platform, such as rating a vendor, adding a rating criteria, referring someone to the platform, etc.  

We strongly encourage vendors to accept Shaeba Coins in exchange for discounted offering, to incentivize consumers to provide invaluable feedback on various aspects of their operations and offerings.

More details about this token can be found here.

Shaeba Coin is listed on:

Rate Something

Shaeba Ratings is a, built from the ground up, ratings platform designed to bring universality and convenience to the ratings space.

Consumers can currently view or rate providers for the goods and services they provide, by categories and criteria.  Consumers may also create new categories and/or criteria that they wish to rate on.  See how to guide for details.

Note: support for rating individual products, personnel, and groups are coming soon.

Collect Your Crypto

  1. Get a Phantom or solflare (or any other) wallet app for your device or browser
  2. Create a wallet on your wallet app
  3. Update your wallet's public address on your Shaeba Ratings profile (requires Google/Facebook authentication).

Request your outstanding Shaeba Coins, by clicking the "Gimme My Tokens" button on your profile page.  They will, thereafter, be sent to your wallet address and you'll receive email notification with the transaction link. You can use this link to monitor your account, transactions, etc.

You can trade your Shaeba Coins on an exchange, after it gets listed (in progress) or for goods and services at participating providers.